Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gone2RehabBRB was kind enough to ask me to do a guest post. This will be on her blog as well. She sent me a few questions to answer, so I'll start with that.

- The story behind creating your blog. Does the name of it have any significance?

There isn't really much of a story behind this blog. I've had a blog on livejournal and an account on deviantART for years where I've posted my fashion and modeling pictures (Illeryana is just my internet modeling name that I picked when I started a ModelMayhem account). After getting into makeup I thought I'd start a blog for that too. Since all the makeup blogs I was reading were on blogger, I decided to start my makeup blog on blogger. I wanted to do a sort of 365 makeup project - post a look every day - but I got really behind on editing my photos. I still try to do a look every day and photograph it though.

- What kind of blogger do you strive to be?

Ideally I'd like to get back to posting more looks and maybe adding a bit of commentary about them. I'd like to maybe add some reviews and some instructions for DIY makeup. Especially with all the trouble that a lot of indie internet makeup companies have, I think more people should look into just making their own makeup. I always try to find good deals or ways to do something for less money, so this blog will definitely be more focused on cool makeup on a budget rather than talking about high end products.

- What was your biggest make-up fiasco back in the days when you were first learning how to apply make-up?

I don't know that I've really had any makeup fiascoes - more disappointments. I watch a lot of tutorials, and I used to try and recreate a lot of the looks. Most of them didn't turn out very well. I think the main reason for this is that my face and eyes are shaped very differently from the people I was watching, and this makes a huge difference. My makeup started looking a lot better when I stopped trying to recreate exact looks and started trying to figure out what's most flattering for my face. Then I could take inspiration from other looks I saw, but adapt them to look good on me.

- Any beauty words of wisdom your gran taught you?

No one else in my family that I know of is all that interested in fashion or makeup, so I'm pretty much on my own.

I'll end with a recent look I did.

I got an email from MAC or Sephora that said orange lipstick is in now.  I made this by mixing together red and yellow OCC lip tar.

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