Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rimmel and Sugarpill

So here's the blue cat eye look:

I used Rimmel's glameyes in Posh Peacock.  It's alright, but I don't know that I'd buy any more of it.  It appears in the photograph that it's got a shimmer to it.  I didn't really notice this in person, but next time I use this shadow I'll specifically look for it.  The black eyeliner is elf.  I'm very happy with it.  It's inspired me to place an order for a bunch of stuff from the elf website.  The black eye shadow is Sugarpill's Stella again.


I did this last weekend with some of my new Sugarpill products:

I used Sugarpill's Dollypop, Decora and Stella on my eyes.  I also used Dollypop and Decora on my cheeks.  I put some Dollypop on my lips over a lip pencil and under some gloss to try and make all my pinks the same color, but that didn't really completely work.  

The liquid eyeliner I used was horrible and required a lot of retouching.  I'm not sure what it is because the label's rubbed off, but it didn't go on well at all and kept getting on my lashes and clumping them up.  I later redid this look in blue and used the black elf eyeliner that came in the $3 pack with the silver eyeliner that I didn't like.  The black actually worked really well.  It worked so well that I decided I should give the silver another try.  I did, and still don't like it, but I've used the black a number of times now and am very pleased with it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

TKB Trading and Sugarpill

So here is the look I did with the pink eyebrows:

I had seen a tutorial in which a girl with dark brows like mine colored her brows pink.  I think she used a dark blond brow pencil and Sugarpill's dollypop.  I didn't have an appropriate pencil, so I just used some liquid foundation, figuring it would lighten my brows and give the eyeshadow something to stick to.  Then I covered my brows with dollypop.  I wasn't satisfied with the result, so I added some glitter gel (Hard Candy glitteratzi) and patted some of Sugarpill's decora on top of that.  In retrospect this may have been a mistake.  While decora is very sparkly and pretty, I don't think it gives a very opaque color.  Maybe it would have worked better to just have put more dollypop over the gel.  Either way, I still wasn't completely pleased, but I figured it was good enough and gave up on it.  As can be seen in the photo, my dark brows show through quite a bit and are surrounded by an edge of pink.  I wanted the brows themselves to be pink, and for the whole thing to be more homogeneous looking.

The eyeshadow is all TKB Trading micas: emerald which I put on first and then decided was too dark, gemtone green which I added over the lid and which I thought was very pretty, and forged gold which I blended into the inner and outer corners and which I also liked.

The blush is Sugarpill's dollypop and decora.  Decora is sparkly, but I didn't really notice any sparkles in the photos.  Maybe I just didn't put very much on though.

In other news, today I received my Obsessive Compulsive primary colors lip tar kit.  I made a big mess playing with the blue.  I took some pictures that hopefully don't look completely awful.  I also got a bunch of little 3 gram jars so I can combine the colors together.  I don't know if they'll dry out in there though.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This look is from the same day as the look in the last post:

For this look, I added big bang and ribbons, both by Aromaleigh.  I don't think it made a lot of difference.  Dionysus is slightly more purple, and big bang is slightly more gray, but I couldn't see much difference in the pictures.  Ribbons is a glitter, but since both shadows are already sparkly, I don't think adding it made a huge difference.  It may have been more sparkly in person, but that doesn't always come across in a still photo.  

The lipstick is Nat Robbins black orchid.  This time I used a lip liner - Rimmel 1000 kisses in wine.  I thought it looked better with the liner in person, but when I looked at the pictures I didn't think it really made much difference.


This is from a few weeks ago:

The eyeshadow is dionysus by Aromaleigh.  The lipstick is iced mocha by Revlon covered with some Maybelline lip polish.  I can't remember if I actually bought this lipstick or if it was a reject given to me by my mom.  Either way I'm not too thrilled with it.  Which probably means I'll start wearing it more because I don't care about using it up.

Sally Girl

Here's another look with my 99 cent Sally Girl eye shadows:

I used the blue and purple colors applied with water.  I am really happy with these.  I got five colors, and I'm eager to get the rest (five others maybe?).

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is from a few weeks ago:

My eyeshadow is extra-galactic from Aromaleigh's new Astronomical line - very pretty.  My lipstick is black orchid by Nat Robbins.  I've probably had this for 10 years - no idea where it came from - CVS maybe.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I had been more of a lipgloss person for a while, but now I'm starting to like lipstick and dark colors again.  My blush is a combination of Sugarpill's LOVE+ and poison plum.

Sally Girl

I'm trying to avoid using mixing medium, so yesterday I did this look with Sally Girl's mini baked eye shadows:

I just saw these mentioned in a tutorial, and since they're only 99 cents, I decided to go out and buy some.  I've tried four different colors (they don't seem to have names, but the two here are pink and gold or maybe bronze) and am very pleased with all of them.  I think you can apply them dry, but I applied mine with water. 

I'm using Rimmel's Eyeful crayon in 100 girls only as an eyeliner under my eye, but I'm not sure it shows up.  The Eyeful crayon itself is very pretty, and I like the idea of it, but it doesn't really stay on very well or do much.

If my brows look a little pink it's because I tried to do a pink brow the day before, and it didn't entirely wash off.  Unfortunately it didn't entirely work either.  My brows aren't particularly thick, but they do seem to be too thick to cover over with pink without some serious work.  I'll post a picture of what I did in a few days.

I'm using Rimmel's 1000 kisses lip pencil in pink cherry as a lipstick, and I've covered it over with lipgloss (Maybelline lip polish in girly pink).  So almost everything I've used here is just drugstore makeup.  The blush is Sugarpill's dollypop, but that's only because I have no drugstore blush.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aromaleigh and MAC

Here's a look I did yesterday:

I used Aromaleigh's Myrtha on my eyes.  I was a bit pleasantly surprised by this color.  I didn't think it would go on looking quite this dark and teal based on how it looked in the jar, but I had been really wanting a color that looks like this, so I was happy.  This was a real pain to apply though.  I was using MAC's mixing medium, and it seemed if the brush was too wet or too dry it didn't work very well.  But I eventually got it on and was happy with he result.

If my face looks a little shiny, it may be because I'm also wearing Aromaleigh's twilight sparkle face powder which is white and sparkly.  I like the idea of this, but I'm not sure I liked how it actually looked on.  

Lastly, I'm wearing MAC's Dar to Wear Lipglass in Ban This!  I vacillated a lot on buying this because it was a lot more expensive than stuff I usually buy, but I'm very happy with it.  I'd like to find a cheaper alternative though.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I did this look the day after I did the TKB Tangerine Pop! look:

I didn't really accomplish the orange and pink look that I was after when I did the TKB look (though I did like how it turned out), so I tried again with Aromaleigh shadows.  I used Spread Your Wings and Dormant Dream.  This is pretty much the look I was going for with the Tangerine and Raspberry Pop.  Spread Your Wings (orange) is super sparkly and pretty.  I wish I had a way of capturing the sparkles in a still photograph.  It's so pretty.  Other than the eye shadows everything is the same as the TKB look.  

I left this makeup on for about 24 hours.  It lasted really well and still looked pretty good when I took it off.  It was really hard to remove and left an orangish shadow that I couldn't get rid of.  It faded in a day or so though.


Another look with Aromaleigh:

I'm using hestia, crucio, selene and ribbons, which is a glitter.  I think this was all applied with water as I hadn't gotten my MAC mixing medium yet.  And I think I was just using foundation as an eye base as I don't think I'd gotten any proper eye primer yet.  I think it all still looked pretty though.

I've been noticing that the MAC mixing medium burns a little when I use it.  I don't remember if it always has, but the last few times I've done my makeup I've definitely noticed it.  It's happened with TKB Trading and Aromaleigh products, so I don't think it's the makeup.  It's only when I'm actually applying my makeup, so I guess it fades as soon as it dries.  It doesn't seem to cause any lasting irritation.  I might try doing things with pressed powders for a while to give myself a break. EDIT: I think it's the glycerin in the mixing medium that burns.  It's hygroscopic and sucks the moisture out of the skin.


I did this last weekend using Aromaleigh's event horizon:

The eyeliner is by elf.  I bought it in a three pack of eyeliners for $3 at Target because I had heard people say good things about elf.  This stuff is crap though - very hard to use.  I also got some elf mascara for $1 which is equally useless.  Maybe elf makes some more expensive stuff that's better?  Anyway I really like event horizon which I bought because I liked the color and because the name is cool.  I used Sugarpill's LOVE+ and poison plum on my cheeks.


Here is a look I did with Sugarpill's poison plum:

I used poison plum on my eyes and cheeks.  I also used some velvet dream by Aromaleigh around my crease.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TKB Trading

Here's another look with TKB Trading micas:

This is actually just two colors: chameleon fine and a little crucible khaki in the corners of my eyes.  The chameleon fine changes color as the light hits it at different angles.  The reddish part seemed more purple to me in other light, but this is what it actually looked like where I was taking the picture.  I really like this color.  I got this in my first batch from TKB, and in the second batch I bought the related color, chameleon glitter.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm eager to since I love this color and I love glitter :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TKB Trading

Here is a look I did with two of TKB Trading's Pop! pigments that I got yesterday.

I used Tangerine Pop! and Raspberry Pop!  The Tangerine was a sort of light metallic looking orange in the bag but went on quite yellow.  It was very metallic and sheer, and difficult to get it evenly applied.  Maybe it would go on better if I add some of the base it came with.  It looks kind of grainy in the picture, but I think that's just how the light hits it.  Applying the Raspberry over it made it look orange in the areas where I lightly applied it and pink in the darker areas.  I was pretty pleased with the way it looked, but thought it looked better in person than in any of the pictures I took.  I used the Raspberry dry as a blush.  The eye makeup was all applied with MAC mixing medium over Urban Decay primer potion.

Monday, December 6, 2010


My look for the day (actually from a week or two ago):

I'm wearing Aromaleigh bette, butterfly and sylph on my eyes and persimmon rouge on my cheeks.  This was the first look I tried after getting my MAC mixing medium in the mail.  My old method of applying makeup was to just use water.  I hadn't actually tried any of those eye shadows before, but the mixing medium really made them go on differently than water ever had with other Aromaleigh shadows I had tried.  Butterfly really looked like liquid silver.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.

In other news I just got another batch of Aromaleigh shadows and TKB Trading micas in the mail today.  I got TKB's pop sampler with the idea of mixing up some of my own colors.  I particularly wanted to make something like the persimmon rouge I'm using in this picture.  I got it as a surprise free sample, and it's not for sale anymore as Aromaleigh is unfortunately going out of business.  I don't really wear blush in real life, so it never occurred to me to buy any, but I think it looks good in a photograph.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

TKB Trading

Here's another look I did with TKB micas.

I used glitter bordeaux, patagonia purple, and crucible khaki.  The glitter bordeaux didn't apply very well - not very opaque.  Maybe it would be better applied over something or mixed with something.  Anyway, I was still quite happy with how it turned out looking.  I used the purple for blush as well.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introduction and TKB Trading

So this is my makeup blog.  I just became seriously interested in makeup a month or two ago after not really having worn much makeup at all before then.  So I've been reading blogs and watching tutorials and fooling around with my makeup.  I love to document things, so this is where I'm going to document all my makeup looks and experiments.  I've been interested in fashion, photography and photo editing for quite a while and have done lots of photography of my various fetish and alternative outfits.  So all the photographs here will definitely be photoshopped to my tastes.  I am just as much interested in how makeup photographs as I am in how it looks in person, so I'll be making comments with regards to that.

So here is my first look.  This is of course retouched and recolored, but I don't think the essential look of the makeup has been changed too much.

I am wearing TKB Trading's sapphire on my eyes (with Too Faced shadow insurance and MAC mixing medium) and Sugarpll's Love+ and poison plum on my cheeks.  I am very happy with all these products - especially the TKB stuff because of it's price :)  The sapphire looks like it's two different colors, but really it's the same color just applied differently.  The darker inner color is applied with MAC's mixing medium, the lighter outer color is applied dry.