Saturday, December 11, 2010


I did this look the day after I did the TKB Tangerine Pop! look:

I didn't really accomplish the orange and pink look that I was after when I did the TKB look (though I did like how it turned out), so I tried again with Aromaleigh shadows.  I used Spread Your Wings and Dormant Dream.  This is pretty much the look I was going for with the Tangerine and Raspberry Pop.  Spread Your Wings (orange) is super sparkly and pretty.  I wish I had a way of capturing the sparkles in a still photograph.  It's so pretty.  Other than the eye shadows everything is the same as the TKB look.  

I left this makeup on for about 24 hours.  It lasted really well and still looked pretty good when I took it off.  It was really hard to remove and left an orangish shadow that I couldn't get rid of.  It faded in a day or so though.

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