Monday, December 20, 2010

TKB Trading and Sugarpill

So here is the look I did with the pink eyebrows:

I had seen a tutorial in which a girl with dark brows like mine colored her brows pink.  I think she used a dark blond brow pencil and Sugarpill's dollypop.  I didn't have an appropriate pencil, so I just used some liquid foundation, figuring it would lighten my brows and give the eyeshadow something to stick to.  Then I covered my brows with dollypop.  I wasn't satisfied with the result, so I added some glitter gel (Hard Candy glitteratzi) and patted some of Sugarpill's decora on top of that.  In retrospect this may have been a mistake.  While decora is very sparkly and pretty, I don't think it gives a very opaque color.  Maybe it would have worked better to just have put more dollypop over the gel.  Either way, I still wasn't completely pleased, but I figured it was good enough and gave up on it.  As can be seen in the photo, my dark brows show through quite a bit and are surrounded by an edge of pink.  I wanted the brows themselves to be pink, and for the whole thing to be more homogeneous looking.

The eyeshadow is all TKB Trading micas: emerald which I put on first and then decided was too dark, gemtone green which I added over the lid and which I thought was very pretty, and forged gold which I blended into the inner and outer corners and which I also liked.

The blush is Sugarpill's dollypop and decora.  Decora is sparkly, but I didn't really notice any sparkles in the photos.  Maybe I just didn't put very much on though.

In other news, today I received my Obsessive Compulsive primary colors lip tar kit.  I made a big mess playing with the blue.  I took some pictures that hopefully don't look completely awful.  I also got a bunch of little 3 gram jars so I can combine the colors together.  I don't know if they'll dry out in there though.

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