Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aromaleigh and MAC

Here's a look I did yesterday:

I used Aromaleigh's Myrtha on my eyes.  I was a bit pleasantly surprised by this color.  I didn't think it would go on looking quite this dark and teal based on how it looked in the jar, but I had been really wanting a color that looks like this, so I was happy.  This was a real pain to apply though.  I was using MAC's mixing medium, and it seemed if the brush was too wet or too dry it didn't work very well.  But I eventually got it on and was happy with he result.

If my face looks a little shiny, it may be because I'm also wearing Aromaleigh's twilight sparkle face powder which is white and sparkly.  I like the idea of this, but I'm not sure I liked how it actually looked on.  

Lastly, I'm wearing MAC's Dar to Wear Lipglass in Ban This!  I vacillated a lot on buying this because it was a lot more expensive than stuff I usually buy, but I'm very happy with it.  I'd like to find a cheaper alternative though.

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