Monday, December 6, 2010


My look for the day (actually from a week or two ago):

I'm wearing Aromaleigh bette, butterfly and sylph on my eyes and persimmon rouge on my cheeks.  This was the first look I tried after getting my MAC mixing medium in the mail.  My old method of applying makeup was to just use water.  I hadn't actually tried any of those eye shadows before, but the mixing medium really made them go on differently than water ever had with other Aromaleigh shadows I had tried.  Butterfly really looked like liquid silver.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.

In other news I just got another batch of Aromaleigh shadows and TKB Trading micas in the mail today.  I got TKB's pop sampler with the idea of mixing up some of my own colors.  I particularly wanted to make something like the persimmon rouge I'm using in this picture.  I got it as a surprise free sample, and it's not for sale anymore as Aromaleigh is unfortunately going out of business.  I don't really wear blush in real life, so it never occurred to me to buy any, but I think it looks good in a photograph.

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