Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TKB Trading

Here is a look I did with two of TKB Trading's Pop! pigments that I got yesterday.

I used Tangerine Pop! and Raspberry Pop!  The Tangerine was a sort of light metallic looking orange in the bag but went on quite yellow.  It was very metallic and sheer, and difficult to get it evenly applied.  Maybe it would go on better if I add some of the base it came with.  It looks kind of grainy in the picture, but I think that's just how the light hits it.  Applying the Raspberry over it made it look orange in the areas where I lightly applied it and pink in the darker areas.  I was pretty pleased with the way it looked, but thought it looked better in person than in any of the pictures I took.  I used the Raspberry dry as a blush.  The eye makeup was all applied with MAC mixing medium over Urban Decay primer potion.


  1. I hope you get a few more clicks and subscribers coming your way - I suggested you on HeartIFB as my inspiration :) .

    Love Pops, too bad there aren't on offer at TKB anymore.

  2. Thanks - that's sweet of you! I can't imagine I'll ever run out of my Pops micas - they give you so much - so I'm not too worried :)