Saturday, December 11, 2010


Another look with Aromaleigh:

I'm using hestia, crucio, selene and ribbons, which is a glitter.  I think this was all applied with water as I hadn't gotten my MAC mixing medium yet.  And I think I was just using foundation as an eye base as I don't think I'd gotten any proper eye primer yet.  I think it all still looked pretty though.

I've been noticing that the MAC mixing medium burns a little when I use it.  I don't remember if it always has, but the last few times I've done my makeup I've definitely noticed it.  It's happened with TKB Trading and Aromaleigh products, so I don't think it's the makeup.  It's only when I'm actually applying my makeup, so I guess it fades as soon as it dries.  It doesn't seem to cause any lasting irritation.  I might try doing things with pressed powders for a while to give myself a break. EDIT: I think it's the glycerin in the mixing medium that burns.  It's hygroscopic and sucks the moisture out of the skin.

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