Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introduction and TKB Trading

So this is my makeup blog.  I just became seriously interested in makeup a month or two ago after not really having worn much makeup at all before then.  So I've been reading blogs and watching tutorials and fooling around with my makeup.  I love to document things, so this is where I'm going to document all my makeup looks and experiments.  I've been interested in fashion, photography and photo editing for quite a while and have done lots of photography of my various fetish and alternative outfits.  So all the photographs here will definitely be photoshopped to my tastes.  I am just as much interested in how makeup photographs as I am in how it looks in person, so I'll be making comments with regards to that.

So here is my first look.  This is of course retouched and recolored, but I don't think the essential look of the makeup has been changed too much.

I am wearing TKB Trading's sapphire on my eyes (with Too Faced shadow insurance and MAC mixing medium) and Sugarpll's Love+ and poison plum on my cheeks.  I am very happy with all these products - especially the TKB stuff because of it's price :)  The sapphire looks like it's two different colors, but really it's the same color just applied differently.  The darker inner color is applied with MAC's mixing medium, the lighter outer color is applied dry.

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