Thursday, December 23, 2010


I did this last weekend with some of my new Sugarpill products:

I used Sugarpill's Dollypop, Decora and Stella on my eyes.  I also used Dollypop and Decora on my cheeks.  I put some Dollypop on my lips over a lip pencil and under some gloss to try and make all my pinks the same color, but that didn't really completely work.  

The liquid eyeliner I used was horrible and required a lot of retouching.  I'm not sure what it is because the label's rubbed off, but it didn't go on well at all and kept getting on my lashes and clumping them up.  I later redid this look in blue and used the black elf eyeliner that came in the $3 pack with the silver eyeliner that I didn't like.  The black actually worked really well.  It worked so well that I decided I should give the silver another try.  I did, and still don't like it, but I've used the black a number of times now and am very pleased with it.


  1. Oh my goodness, your skills and creativity levels are mind-blowing!
    Would you like to be featured on my blog? if so, mail me. You can find the contact info on my homepage.

  2. I emailed you. Not sure I used the right address - let me know.