Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of July :)


  1. Hey, you have a great blog here, I really love your looks. Love.

    How can I follow? I see the 'Followers' title on the side, but underneath it it doesn't load the little 'Join this site with Google Friend Connect' thingie (I checked with other sites and browsers - they load).

    Let me reiterate - amazing looks :) !
    I see this is an old-ish post, I hope you haven't given up on blogging.

  2. Thanks so much! I had sort of given up on posting much because it doesn't seem like anyone reads my blog, but I do check the site and read other peoples' blogs all the time. I do my makeup and take photos almost every day, so I can certainly post more stuff if you're interested.

    As far as I know you can follow the blog in the normal way. Maybe blogger was being weird when you checked? The 'Join' button seems to be there now, and there's also the 'Follow' link in the top left.

  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I certainly am ^_^ .
    Yeah, it's there, it seems to have been a glitch.

    And yes, the beauty-blogging world is quite a bit tricky to break into.
    I know I have seen many sites with good looks and/or informative, well-written, funny reviews, good photography and site design... but not that popular, while some that are clearly product-placement upon product-placement have circa 40 comments per post.
    I was perplexed.

    As one of the well-known blogger said, I paraphrase: it's not about what you know, it's about who you know.

    I don't know if you're active around some sites, but I found that, while blatant 'LOOK AT MY BLOG, HERE'S THE LINK, HERE'S THE LINK, LOOK AT IT LIEKRITENAO!!!!!' is a no-no, finding a circle you like and constructively commenting helps, a lot - I found a couple of my favourite bloggers that way :) - Beautiful With Brains and Ruthy (when she had less than 10 followers). Love that they both engage with their readers.
    I don't have a blog, but my profile has 100 (since Feb 2011, just from Blogger, compared to 750 for an established blogger with 400 followers since May 2010 from blog activity) views just from commenting - I guess people wanted to see if I write anything else. Or they just enjoy clicking random links :D .
    This, of course, only if you enjoy it.

    The other thing that introduced me to blogs are cross-linkers (I mention you, you mention me, etc.) and circles like Sunday Beauty Reads on BeautifulWithBrains, or Lipstick League on Phyrra and the like. I might not end up following all of them, but once a week I end up clicking on a link or two, seeing their posts, commenting on them...

    And shout-outs if somebody is a nice curator, like Gio from BWB or Liloo.
    Oooh, maybe Gio would feature you if it came to her attention and she liked it - she's a cool gal.
    If I had a blog, I'd definitely give you a shout-out :) .

    I hope this wasn't too long and I bet I wrote some things you already know, I just love it when I find something good and I'd love for it to be known :) .

  4. *looks at comment*

    It didn't seem that long in the little comment box. Erm, whoops.

  5. No worries about long comments :)

    When I first started this blog I guess I did have hopes that I would attract at least a small following, but now I find that it doesn't really matter to me that much. There are already so many blogs out there with everything from swatches to tutorials, that I don't really feel that I have anything to add. I'm also kind of shy, so I usually don't try to start conversations with people, but I always try to reply to comments.

    Anyway, I have posted some looks that I've done recently. I haven't done a lot of dramatic makeup lately. I used to do my makeup after work so I could do fancier makeup, but lately I've been doing my makeup in the morning, so it's more toned down and work safe. If you have anything that you'd particularly like to see let me know.

  6. Hey, you add some great new looks and bring skills to the table ;) !

  7. Thanks! I haven't been doing makeup very long, so I really appreciate that.

  8. hey !!! i love your stuff your so creative in what you do keep it up girl!!!! I feel the same way about my blog i just started it and obviously i would love the whole world to read it but at the end of the day I'm doing this to satisfy my makeup addiction lol keep up the good work I'm going to follow you :D I love your work I love how your so out of the box and I love how you create such art ...u can see it in your attention to detail every little line and stroke is perfect!!!
    your admirer

  9. Thanks for following! It's so nice to get compliments on my makeup! I'll try to make a post of some recent looks I've done since I now have another follower.