Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wet'n'Wild Blue Had Me at Hello

Here is a look I did with Wet'n'Wild's Blue Had Me at Hello palette:

I used column 1 pretty much as directed.  I used the brow highlight color as an inner eye highlight as well.  I also used elf's black cream liner, some silver glitter liner from NYX and MUFE mascara.  I made the red lipstick from various TKB ingredients, and my lips are lined with a black NYX eye pencil.  I used Sugarpill's LOVE+ and poison plum as blush.  I use these shadows as blush much more than I use them as eye shadow.

I had thought that the crease color would be a dark blue, but it turns out that it's black with blue sparkles.  Only the sparkles don't really show up, so it's basically just black.  So there really isn't any blue in this look.  In column 2 there's a black with silver sparkles, but they don't show up that well either, so it's pretty much just black as well.  And the definer color in column 1 is a matte black.  Which means that 3 of the 8 colors are pretty much just black.  Which kind of sucks, because I already have several black eye shadows.  I really like the silver though.  The highlight color doesn't seem to show up very well in the picture.  It's kind of sheer and grainy.  It's very sparkly, but not very opaque.  On the whole I do like this look, but I think I could have done it with products I already had.  It's nice to have a small compact that I can carry around with me though.  Most of my pressed eye shadows are in big palettes that aren't convenient for traveling.

I also did the column 2 look as well as some looks combining the two columns.  I'll be posting that soon.

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